“No fulltime job for me,” says CA topper Pavan(3rd Ranker)

All India third ranker in the CA Final exam, 
Pavan Pal Sharma from Bangalore, shares  
that articleship gives you the confidence in
the world of work.

Fast facts:
Name: Pavan Pal Sharma
City: Bangalore
Exam: CA Final Examination- November 2011
Rank: AIR third and SIRC topper
Roll number: 107594
Marks: 589
                         Percentage: 73.63
                             Graduating college: Sri Kumarans Pre-University College, Bangalore

AN All India Rank holder at various levels of the CA programme, 

Pavan Sharma has done it again in the CA Final Exam! Son of a commerce  teacher, Pavan wanted to pursue CA since his school days. Hailing from Bangalore, India’s IT hub, he  was determined to do something other than IT! 

He owns an investment banking firm in Bangalore and believes that setting up  an organization is far more challenging than taking home a bonus. Pavan, also a topper of Southern India Regional Council (SIRC), ICAI and an advocate of  “study smart” rather than “study hard” shares his preparation strategies and  future plans with Rozelle Laha.

Q. Congratulation Pavan. When did you decide do a CA?

A. I had decided to do my CA when I was in class 9. CA seemed to be a good option as my father teaches commerce and the subject/course seemed close to my heart.
Q. Is this your first big success?

 A. After my 10+2, I wrote my CPT examination. I achieved 7th All India Rank (AIR) in that exam (August 2007). I also appeared for CA – PCC exams in June  2009. I acquired an AIR 30 in it.
Q. Did you do an articleship?
 A. I have done my articleship with Balakrishna & Co., Bangalore for 3 and half 
years. I was one of the first article assistants of my Principal. I decided to do an articleship with some company where I could actually learn. I got the opportunity of handling good audits, transfer pricing, due diligence and attended a few hearings at the IT offices.
Q. Does doing an articleship help?
A. Articleship gives you a practical exposure to what the real world is. What you get to do at a CA’s office is very different from theoretical knowledge. Articleship gives you confidence to face the world. It is an important aspect of our course and that is what sets us apart. And if you get to do your articleship with some good brand, then your future is made.
Q. You cracked CA finals with a good score in your first attempt. Tell us something about your preparation strategies.
A. I have always stood by the fact that each one need to develop a strategy for oneself. My strategy was to “study smart” rather than “study hard” – it always helps. I am firm believer of conceptual learning. That is what will save you in those 3 hours of exam. Learning by rote is not a safe option at any level of professional examination – especially CA final. I cannot put down my study hours in numbers– all I can say is that I slept, ate and studied.
Q. Do you think coaching is important?
A. My tutor always used to say “if you wish to pass – do not come to tuitions. If you wish to become a good CA – then come to tuitions.” I think that would answer most of the questions in a succinct manner. I attended classes for four subjects out of eight. I do believe coaching is necessary, but not to the extent that you outsource your thinking too. Tuitions aren’t everything.
Q. Do you want to continue studying?
A. I wish to pursue a career in Actuarial Sciences – Finance sometime later in the course of my career.
Q. You have your own company. Tell us something about your concept of entrepreneurship.
A. I run my own company, Equidebt Corporate Advisors Private Limited. We are investment bankers based out of Bangalore. I find it morally pleasing to work for myself than to work for somebody else. I know that if I do go out for employment, I would be able to earn well. But then again, money isn’t everything in life. I wish to take my company to new echelons.
Q. Your advice to CA aspirants?
A. My mother once told me, “Exams are only a phase in your life.” I completely agree with her. Getting bogged down by pressure due to exams will not get you anywhere in life. Just believe in yourself. You can do anything in this world.CA

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