Change in PAN card details: Things to know

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The Permanent Account Number(PAN) card, issued by the income tax authorities is now widely used in financial transactions and is the single most convenient proof for identity.The permanent account number (PAN) has to be quoted in the income tax returns and for various financial transactions, such as investments, and purchase/sale of property.So it may be useful to keep the PAN card updated to reflect your current details.


The Tax Information Network(TIN), operated by National Securities Depository Limited(NSDL) provides this service.This facility only allows you to update details such as photograph, address and signature, not the number itself.

In case of an error in the photo or signature mismatch, the holder must ensure that a new, revised card bearing the same number is issued with the changes.

Application form: The applicants have to fill the online ‘Request for new PAN card and/or changes or correction in PAN data form’ on the NSDL website ( The holder must check the box on the left where the change/correction is required.

Acknowledgement: An acknowledgement screen will be displayed on submission, which the applicant must save, print and sign. The applicant must affix two colour photographs on this.

Documents: It is mandatory to provide identity and address proofs with the change request. Any changes or corrections in the card details should be supported by relevant documents, as required by the income tax rules.

Fee: The fee for processing the change request is Rs 85, besides the applicable service tax. It can be paid through demand draft, cheque, credit/debit card or via Net banking.

Points to note

> If one loses a PAN card and is applying for a new one, all the columns in the application form must be filled without ticking any box in the left margin. A copy of an FIR must also be submitted along with the form.

> The acknowledgement, payment and documents should reach NSDL within 15 days of filing the online application.

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