DUE DATE for issuing Form 16 extended


  DUE DATE for issuing Form 16 extended 

As per Income tax rules,  Form 16(salary certificate) for salary deductors is required to be issued on a fixed date i.e. 31st May; whereas Form 16A (TDS certificates) for non salary deductors is required to be issued within 15 days from due date of filing TDS return.
Last Year Income Tax Department had extended the due date by 15 days for filling TDS returns vide notification no. 30/2016 dated 29.04.2016  for both  TDS return on salary (Form 24Q ) as well as TDS return on others(non salary) (Form 26Q ).
This above change  in due date of filling TDS return had affected the due date for issuing Form 16A but not the due date for issuing Form 16. Due date for Form 16A was automatically shifted by 15 days to 15th June.
Hence to bring them in line with others, the due date  for issuing Form 16 (Salary Certificate) for Financial year 2016-17 has been extended by 15 days vide notification no. 42/2017 dated 02.06.2017.

  • Due date before the notification was 31st May, 2017 for Financial year 2016-17.
  • Due date after the notification is 15th June, 2017 for Financial year 2016-17.

Compiled by CA Ankita Khetan 

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