CA Final May 2018 Strategic Financial Management (SFM) Paper Analysis


CA Final May 2018 Strategic Financial Reporting (SFM) Paper Analysis
CA Final May 2018 Strategic Financial Management Paper Analysis is Shared below. CA Final May 2018 SFM Paper Analysis is Shared in below video. There was Drafting Mistake in Question 5(b)
Q5(b) SFM Old Syllabus May 2018 Paper
Information Related to Promoters Holding is Missing from the question
Due to which calculations becomes difficult
What Now ?
1. If ICAI accepts this mistake there are chances of awarding 8 marks to all
But if it doesn’t then  There is a scope for assumption for promoters holding and accordingly Question can be solved
( In one of the past papers also ICAI had missed the information of Ke in Dividend Question, Later in Suggested Question was solved by taking an assumption of Ke= 16% )
Considering the same thing marks can be given.
CA Final May 2018 SFM Question Papers and Suggested Answer
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Download CA final May 2018 SFM New Course Suggested Answer by CA Aaditya Jain
Download CA Final May 2018 SFM Question paper in PDF form Below Link. CA FINAL May 2018 Strategic Financial Reporting Question paper can be downloaded form below link. CA Final May 2018 all question papers can be downloaded from below links.

Paper Question 
Paper (Old)
Paper (New)
Paper:2 CA Final May 2018 Strategic Financial Reporting  Download Download




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