Intra State E way bill to be roll out in Assam from May 16, 2018

Intra State E way bill to be roll out in Assam from May 16, 2018

Inter State e way bill was made effective nation wide on 1st April,2018.
Click here to download the official CGST Notification no. 15/2018 issued on 23rd March,2018.
For Intra State E way bill, States were authorized to implement e way bill as and when they were ready. Henceforth, Intra State e way bill is being implemented in different states on different states. Most of the states already implemented it. Assam will soon join the brigade by implementing intra state e way bill from 16th May,2018. The notification for the same has been issued by Assam Government today i.e. 7th May,2018.? Click here to download the notification issued by Assam Government.
Along with notification, Assam Government has also issued an advertisement on e way bill applicability for intra state. Click here to download the same.

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State Wise Applicability of E Way Bill: Inter and Intra State E Way Bill Applicability
Chapter XVI?of CGST Rules, 2017 consists of five rules relating to E-WAY RULES?under the GST regime. All this rules are available for your ready reference.
Rule 138 😕Information to be furnished prior to commencement of movement of goods and?generation of e-way bill
Rule 138A :?Documents and devices to be carried by a person-in-charge of a conveyance
Rule 138B 😕Verification of documents and conveyances
Rule 138C 😕Inspection and verification of goods
Rule 138D : Facility for uploading information regarding detention of vehicle

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