Compliances due dates July 2018


Compliances due dates July 2018


S.No. Event Date Act/Statue Applicable Form Obligation
1 07-Jul-18 Income Tax Challan No.ITNS- 281 Payment of TDS/TCS deducted/collected in Jun 2018
2 10-Jul-18 Goods and Services Tax GSTR-1 Monthly Return of Outward Suppliers for Jun 2018 (Assessee turnover exceeding 1.5 Cr.)
3 15-Jul-18 Income Tax Form 27EQ TCS Returns by all Collectors for Jun quarter
4 15-Jul-18 Income Tax Form 15G/H E-filing of form 15G/H received during Jun quarter
5 15-Jul-18 Providend Fund Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) E-Payment of PF for Jun 2018
6 15-Jul-18 ESI ESI Challan Payment of ESI of Jun 2018
7 15-Jul-18 Income Tax Form-16B/C Issue of TDS certificate in respect of TDS deducted u/s-194IA and 194IB in the month of May
8 15-Jul-18 FEMA Filing of Annual statement of Assets and Liabilities for FY 2017-18 with RBI (applicable in case of company having foreign investment)
9 18-Jul-18 Goods and Services Tax GSTR-4 Quarterly return of outward supplies by composition supplier for Apr to Jun
10 20-Jul-18 Goods and Services Tax GSTR – 3B GSTR Return Summary for Jun 2018
11 30-Jul-18 Income Tax Form-27D Issue TDS certificate by collectors for quarter ended Jun
12 30-Jul-18 Income Tax Return-194IA/194IB Furnishing challan cum statement in respect of TDS deducted under 194IA and 194IB in Jun 2018 month
13 31-Jul-18 Income Tax Form 24Q, 26Q & 27Q TDS return for Jun quarter by all deductor
14 31-Jul-18 Maharastra Profession Tax MTR-6/Form IIIB Payment & Monthly Return of Maharastra PT (Annual Liability 50,000 or more)
15 31-Jul-18 Goods and Services Tax GSTR – 1 Quaterly Return of Outward Suppliers for Apr-Jun 2018 (Assessee turnover upto 1.5 Cr.)
16 31-Jul-18 Goods and Services Tax GSTR – 6 Furnishing of return by Input Service Distributor for the months from July 2017 to Jun 2018
17 31-Jul-18 Income Tax ITR Form-1/2/3/4 Filing of income tax return of AY 2018-19 by Individual and HUF (non audit case)
18 31-Jul-18 Income Tax ITR Form-5 Filing of income tax return of AY 2018-19 by Firm/AOP/BOI (non audit case)
19 31-Jul-18 Income Tax ITR Form-7 Filing of income tax return of AY 2018-19 by Trust & Political party etc (non audit case)


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