Notice Inviting Tender Of Chartered Accountants/ Cost Accountants For Internal Audit In Haryana Power Generation Corporation Ltd.

Notice Inviting Tender Of Chartered Accountants/ Cost Accountants For Internal Audit In Haryana Power Generation Corporation Ltd.


Haryana Power Generation Corporation Ltd., a Government of Haryana Undertaking, invites bids from reputed Indian Chartered Accountant/ Indian Cost Accountant Firms for conducting Internal Audit for F.Y. 2019-20, 2020-21 AND 2021-22.

The format of application along with annexures on areas and extent of coverage, reporting requirements, terms of reference, list of units and locations, selection criteria etc. can be downloaded from website Any updates to the NIT shall be hosted on our website from time to time. The interested firms are requested to ensure that all updates to the NIT are strictly considered while submitting the bids.

Firms may submit their applications online with EMD of Rs. 9000/- latest by 01.8.2019 up to 15.00 hrs. EMD of successful bidders shall be converted into security deposit which shall be released on faithful completion of the work. EMD of the unsuccessful bidders shall be returned without any interest immediately after awarding the work to the successful bidder/s.

Validity of the bids shall be up to 120 days from the date of opening of financial bid.

Shortlisted firms shall remain on the panel of the HPGCL for a period of three years from 2019-20.


The Bidders can download the tender documents from the Portal:

The Bidders shall have to pay for the Tender documents, EMD Fees & eService Fee online by using the service of secure electronic payment gateway. The secure electronic payments gateway is an online interface between contractors and online payment authorization networks. The Payment for Tender Document Fee and eService Fee is amounting to Rs. 2180/- (Rs. 1180 cost of tender documents + 1000/- e-service charges ) and EMD amounting to Rs. 9,000/- (Rs. Nine thousand only) can be made by eligible bidders/contractors online.+

NOTE: If the tenders are cancelled or recalled on any grounds, the tender document fees & e-service fee will not be refunded to the agency.

The Tenders can submit their tender documents (Online) as per the dates mentioned in the key dates :-

Key Dates

Sr. No. ?Department Stage ?Tenderer?s Stage ?Start date and time Expiry date and time
1 ?—— Downloading of Tender Documents, Bid Preparation & submissions 03.7.2019
2 Technical Opening (Part-I) 05.8.2019
3 Opening of Price Bid
Will be intimated through email


These conditions will over-rule the conditions stated in the tender documents, wherever relevant and applicable.

1. Registration of bidders on e-Procurement Portal :-

All the bidders intending to participate in the tenders processed online are required to get registered on the centralized e-Procurement Portal i.e.

Please visit the website for more details.

2. Obtaining a Digital Certificate :

2.1 The Bids submitted online should be encrypted and signed electronically with a Digital Certificate to establish the identity of the bidder bidding online. These Digital Certificates are issued by an Approved Certifying Authority, by the Controller of Certifying Authorities, Government of India.

2.2 The bidders may obtain Class-II or III digital signature certificate from any Certifying Authority or Sub-certifying Authority authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities.

2.3? Bid for a particular tender must be submitted online using the digital certificate (Encryption & Signing), which is used to encrypt the data and sign the hash during the stage of bid preparation & hash submission. In case, during the process of a particular tender, the user loses his digital certificate (due to virus attack, hardware problem, operating system or any other problem) he will not be able to submit the bid online. Hence, the users are advised to keep a backup of the certificate and also keep the copies at safe place under proper security (for its use in case of emergencies).

2.4? If the digital certificate issued to the authorized user of a firm is used for signing and submitting a bid, it will be considered equivalent to a no objection certificate/ power of attorney /lawful authorization to that User. The firm has to authorize a specific individual through an authorization certificate to use the digital certificate as per Indian Information Technology Act 2000. Unless the certificates are revoked, it will be assumed to represent adequate authority of the user to bid on behalf of the firm in the department tenders as per Information Technology Act 2000. The digital signature of this authorized user will be binding on the firm.

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