E-Tender for Appointment of Concurrent Auditor by Reserve Bank of India

E-Tender for Appointment of Concurrent Auditor by Reserve Bank of India

Hoshangabad Road, P.B. No. 1032,
Bhopal ? 462 011

August 14, 2019

E-Tender for Appointment of Concurrent Auditor for the year 2019-20 w.e.f. October 01, 2019 to September 30, 2020 by Reserve Bank of India, Bhopal

Tender No. ? RBI/BHOPAL/HRMD/17/19-20/ET/64

Reserve Bank of India, Bhopal invites E-tenders under Two ? Bid system (Technical & Financial Bid) for Appointment of Concurrent Auditor for the year 2019-20 w.e.f. October 01, 2019 to September 30, 2020 for Reserve Bank of India, Bhopal.

For more details, please visit ?TENDERS? link on our website https://www.rbi.org.in

The last date for submission of e-tender on MSTC portal (www.mstcecommerce.com) is September 13, 2019, 11:00 am.

The Bank reserves the right to reject any tender without assigning any reason thereof.

Regional Director

Important Instructions Regarding E-tender

This is an e-procurement event of Reserve Bank of India, Bhopal. The e-procurement service provider is MSTC Limited.

You are requested to read and understand the Notice inviting e-tender and subsequent Corrigendum, if any, before submitting your online tender.

A) Registration :

The process involves vendor?s registration with MSTC e-procurement portal which is free of cost. Only after registration, the vendor(s) can submit his/ their bids electronically. Electronic bidding for submission of Technical Bid as well as Financial Bid over the internet will be done. The vendor should possess Class III signing type digital certificate. Vendors are to make their own arrangement for bidding from a computer connected with internet. MSTC/RBI, Bhopal is not responsible for making such arrangement. (bids will not be recorded without digital signature).

NOTE : The Technical Bid and Financial Bid have to be submitted online only at http://www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi/buyer_login.jsp

1) Vendors are required to register themselves online with www.mstcecommerce.com? e- Procurement?PSU / Govt.Depts? RBI. Register as ?Vendor? by filling up details and creating own user id and password? Submit.

2) Vendors will receive a system generated mail confirming their registration in their email which has been provided while filling the registration form.

3) In case of any clarification, please contact MSTC/RBI, Bhopal, (before the scheduled time of the e- tender).

B) System Requirements :

i) Windows XP-SP3 & above/Windows 7 Operating System
ii) IE-7 and above Internet browser.
iii) Signing type digital signature
iv) JRE 7 update 9 and above software to be downloaded and installed in the system. 

C) Process of E-tender :

1. The Technical Bid and the Financial Bid shall have to be submitted online at www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi. Tenders will be opened electronically on specified date and time as given in the tender.

2. All entries in the tender should be entered in online technical & financial formats without any ambiguity.

3. Special note towards transaction fee :

The vendors shall pay the transaction fee using ?Transaction Fee Payment? Link under ?My Menu? in the vendor login. The vendors have to select the particular tender from the event dropdown box. The vendor shall have the facility of making the payment either through NEFT or Online Payment. On selecting NEFT, the vendor shall generate a challan by filling up a form. The vendor shall remit the transaction fee amount as per the details printed on the challan without making any change in the same. On selecting Online Payment, the vendor shall have the provision of making payment using its Credit/ Debit Card/ Net Banking. Once the payment gets credited to MSTC?s designated bank account, the transaction fee shall be auto authorized and the vendor shall be receiving a system generated mail.

Transaction fee is non-refundable.

The vendor will not have the access to online e-tender without making the payment towards transaction fee.

NOTE : Bidders are advised to remit the transaction fee well in advance before the closing time of the event so as to give themselves sufficient time to submit the bid.

4. Information about tender / corrigendum uploaded shall be sent by email only during the process till finalization of tender. Hence, the vendors are required to ensure that the corporate email-id provided is valid and updated at the time of registration of vendor with MSTC. Vendors are also requested to ensure validity of their DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).

5. E-tender cannot be accessed after the due date and time mentioned in the Notice inviting e-tender.

Eligibility Criteria

Reserve Bank of India, Bhopal invites e-tenders under Two ? Bid system (Technical & Financial Bid) for Appointment of Concurrent Auditor for the year 2019-20 w.e.f. October 01, 2019 to September 30, 2020 for Reserve Bank of India, Bhopal.

1. The applicant firm should be a category-1 Concurrent Audit firm registered with ICAI for Madhya Pradesh State to be eligible for appointment as Concurrent Auditor.

2. Applicant firm should have more than 5 full time Chartered Accountant employees.

3. The firm should have more than 15 skilled staff qualified in both the groups of IPCC.

4. The firm should have more than 3 years of experience in bank audit.

5. The minimum monthly remuneration will be Rs.70,000/- (Rupees Seventy thousand) exclusive of GST.

6. The applications indicating less than the minimum monthly remuneration will be out-rightly rejected.

7. The appointment methodology comprises a two-stage process, involving technical and financial bidding, with separate evaluation for the two stages and a qualifying criterion in the technical evaluation. Firms securing 60 or more marks (out of 100) in technical bid only will be eligible for the next stage of financial evaluation.

8. The final evaluation will be done by combining the marks secured in the technical and financial evaluation in the ratio of 60:40 with the bidder obtaining the highest total marks becoming eligible for appointment.

9. In case of tie, the same would be resolved by giving additional weightage to the firm that has higher number of years of experience, or more number of FCA partners etc.

10. The firm or no partner should have been subjected to any disciplinary proceedings initiated by the ICAI.

11. The firm or partners of the firm should not have been debarred or black listed by any Government /Semi?Government organization/Institution in India or abroad.

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