ITR filing: How to file Income Tax Returns for salaried employees?

ITR filing: How to file Income Tax Returns for salaried employees?

In this article we’ll tell you the way to e-File your tax comes or file your taxation return on-line if you’re a salaried worker. after you area unit a salaried worker, wage is that the main supply of your financial gain. you will have conjointly interest financial gain from bank.

As we’ll see, a salaried worker has to opt for kind ITR-1 Sahaj because the taxation come kind if their total financial gain is up to Rs fifty 100000.

Your leader would have issued the shape sixteen by June fifteen. The last date for filing taxation returns is thirty one Gregorian calendar month 2019. The ITR-1 kind has been simplified this year, creating it easier for salaried staff to e-File returns. Digital signature for GST compulsory now. you need digital signature certificate for income tax registration.

You can file your taxation come free at the E-Filing web site of the taxation Department World Wide you’ll conjointly opt for one among the many tax filing portals to e-File your taxes for a fee.

ITR kind for a salaried person

Now allow us to return to what ITR kind a salaried worker has to opt for. reckoning on what quite financial gain you have got, you have got to fill a particular variety of ITR kind. If you’re a salaried worker, you have got to fill ITR-1 that is additionally referred to as the Sahaj kind. However, your financial gain ought to be but Rs fifty 100000 p.a.. you’ll have financial gain from house property and different sources excluding winning from lottery and financial gain from race horses. If you’re a director during a company or hold unlisted equity shares anytime throughout a yr, then you’re not eligible to fill ITR-1. you can not file ITR-1 if you have got subject capital gains or have financial gain from business and profession. you’re conjointly ineligible to fill ITR-1 if you have got associate agricultural financial gain of quite Rs five,000. additional financial gain from quite one house property, carrying forward losses then on makes one unclear to use ITR-1, within which case one should file ITR-2.

When filling up ITR-1, taxpayers got to report gross wage and financial gain from wage. All the exempt allowances like HRA ought to be singly mentioned. The payer conjointly should give details of break-up for financial gain earned ?from different sources like interest financial gain on fastened deposits then on. For additional details you’ll visit the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) World Wide and check the section ?taxpayer services?

Checklist of taxation e-Filing for Salaried worker

When E-Filing taxation returns, you would like correct data on financial gain, deduction and taxes you have got paid. Here may be a list for you once e-Filing your taxation returns.

(i) kind 16: this can be the foremost vital document that your worker can give you.

(ii) opt for the appropriate ITR form: If you’re a salaried worker and don’t have financial gain from a number of the sources mentioned on top of, you have got to replenish ITR-1 once E-Filing your taxes.

(iii) kind twenty six AS: kind 26AS may be a consolidated record of the varied taxes subtracted from your financial gain and deposited with the govt.. kind 26AS may be downloaded through netbanking if PAN is mapped thereto specific account.

(iv) Savings checking account and FD interest: Keep the subsequent documents prepared.

(v) statement or bankbook for interest on your bank account.

(vi) Interest certificates or TDS certificates from banks and Post offices

(vii) Details of bank accounts and IFSC codes: you furthermore may got to keep prepared details of all of your bank accounts and IFSC codes as a result of you would like to list them within the ITR kind.

Choosing the proper thanks to e-Filing

From the yr 2013-14, all tax payers earning additional Rs five 100000 should file their returns electronically.

You can file your returns on-line through the e-Filing web site of the govt. of India World Wide

There area unit 2 ways that to file taxation returns on-line.

One of the ways that is to transfer the ITR preparation package, prepare the come mistreatment the downloaded package, generate the XML and so transfer it. the opposite is to directly enter details in an internet kind and submit it. However, the second technique is accessible just for ITR-1 and ITR-4 in order that salaried taxpayers will use it. you’ll opt for either of the ways that to E-File your taxes. but selecting the latter possibility may be a more sensible choice because it allows pre-filing of fields within the ITR from your PAN information or previous returns filed, so saving time.

Importance of e-Filing for Salaried worker

currently we’ll investigate the importance of ITR filing for a salaried worker. ?Here one has to bear in mind that the Central Board of Direct Taxes has created rules stricter for tax evaders.

It shows that you simply area unit a accountable citizen: in step with taxation law, people UN agency earn a mere quantity of financial gain each year area unit needed to file a legal document among maturity date. Filing your returns may be a sign that you simply have punctually paid the tax collectable which you’re a accountable national.

To get a loan or a credit card: If you have got filed your taxation returns often, it’s proof that you simply have a daily financial gain and have paid taxes on that and it’s easier to urge a loan or a mastercard.

Claim tax deductions: to say deductions below varied sections of the taxation Act it’s vital that you simply have filed your taxation returns each year.

Claim tax refund: Filing your returns is crucial if you would like to eligible for a refund and wish to say it.

Adjust your capital gains and losses: Capital losses may be adjusted against capital gains. conjointly as a payer, you’ll make sure that just in case you have got any financial loss, you’ll carry it forward for consecutive eight consecutive money years if you file your taxation returns often.

Visa processing: If you’re applying for a Visa, the foreign diplomatic building would need proof of your financial gain and taxation receipts area unit needed.

Steps to follow for e-Filing for Salaried worker

Currently we’ll take a glance at the steps to follow for e-Filing of returns if you’re a salaried worker.

Step 1 : Login to the e-Filing web site with a User ID, password, Date of Birth/Date of incorporation and captcha.

Step 2 : move to ?e-File? and click on on ?Prepare and submit ITR online?.

Step 3 : choose the taxation come kind (ITR-1) and assessment year

Step 4 : Fill within the details and click on the ?Submit? button

Step 5 : transfer a digital signature if applicable. make sure that DSC is registered with e-Filing.

Step 6 : Click on the ?Submit? button

Step 7 : On productive submission for kind, ITR-V would be displayed ( if DSC isn’t used). Click on the link to transfer the ITR-V. ITR-V will be sent to the registered email. If ITR-V is uploaded with DSC, the come filing method is complete.

If the come isn’t uploaded with DSC, the ITR-V kind ought to be written, signed and submitted to CPC among a hundred and twenty days from the date of e-Filing. The come are processed solely when the signed ITR-V is received. Check your email and SMS often for reminders on the non-receipt of ITR-V.

The process of filing your returns on-line is currently complete.

If you’re a salaried worker, e-Filing of taxation returns may be a pretty simple method as long as you retain some things in mind.



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