Legal Heir Registration For ITR

Legal Heir Registration For ITR


Most of you while working may face an issue regarding how to register a person as a legal heir. You may find many articles on the same but reading too many articles may sometimes confuse you. So here is the simplified summary on how to register a person as a legal heir on the income tax e-filing portal, along with some details regarding the documents which will be required for the same. The whole process has been divided into 6 steps as follows :-

Step 1 : Login to the income tax e-filing portal using the login id and password of the legal heir.

Step 2 : Click on my account and then on service request type in order to raise a request for registering yourself as a legal heir.

Step 3 : Once you click on service request type, then you will get an option “New Request”. Select request type as “New Request” to proceed further.

Step 4 : Then you need to select the request category. Select “Add legal heir request” to register yourself as the legal heir and then click on submit.

Step 5 : Select the type of request and click on “new request” and fill out all the details of the deceased (say name, date of birth, PAN etc).

Step 6 : Attach all the documents necessary to raise a request as mentioned in the respective fields, and click on submit button. Following documents are required :-

  • Copy of death Certificate
  • Copy of PAN card of the deceased
  • Self attested PAN card copy
  • Certificate of legal heir or affidavit in the presence of notary public

Once the above mentioned steps have been completed, the approval process will come into picture. The request to register as a legal heir will be sent to the e-filing administrator. The request will then be approved or rejected thereon. Upon acceptance of request to register as the legal heir, the legal heir can file returns on behalf of the deceased, and if the request is rejected then the same will be communicated (updated) on the portal itself. You just need to track the status of your application. Also, if the same is rejected, then the applicant can submit a request again along with the rectification of deficiencies in the application submitted earlier. The deficiencies will also be communicated in the portal itself, on the same page where you can track the status. An e-mail will also be sent, regarding the acceptance or rejection of application on the registered e-mail id.

Now, the question arises as to how can one file returns on behalf of the deceased after getting registered as the legal heir. You need to just login on the portal using the login credentials of the legal heir. Once the legal heir have been logged in, a page will appear on the screen where you will get an option to proceed as the legal heir. You need to select that option and proceed further. After selecting that option you can simply file returns of the deceased in a normal way. You need to fill up all the details relating to the incomes, etc. of the deceased, as you fill for a normal taxpayer, and then submit the return. Here also, you get the various options to verify the return, as you get in the return of a normal taxpayer. You can opt for the options as per your convenience.

So these were the points, relating to registration of a person as a legal heir of the deceased as well as some tips on filing the return as the legal heir. I hope this article has been helpful in solving the doubts regarding the same.

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