Top 10 advantages of Online Learning Platforms!

With the emergence of E-learning platform and edtech tools education is no more bound between the four walls of a classroom. The conventional methods of education are changing by far with the changing time that embraces the progress and integration of technology. Student population is rising by every passing day and to cater their demands by mere traditional teaching methods is only a downfall as a whole, diminishing the bright future of so many children.

Online learning gives freedom to the students to go through their learning process at their very own chosen pace. With an approximate of three million students enrolled in full time online programs and around six million students enrolled in online courses as part of their degree, we can almost get an idea of how much online learning is gaining fame amongst the student population. With time online learning is witnessing wide acceptance that is contrary to its initial skepticism, making it just as effective as face-to-face learning.

Top 10 advantages of Online Learning Platforms-

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the biggest advantages with online learning is that it mostly comes with edtech apps that increase its flexibility. With this you can engage in learning anytime and anywhere you want. No doubt you need to dedicate your time to online courses also but how much time that you can decide yourself. Scheduling your learning time according to your own wish increases the chance of better grasping the concept.

You can go about with your own everyday tasks and manage your job and even family life while not hampering your education or learning. You can conveniently split up your learning sessions and complete your course without any stress or time issues.

Choice of various programs and courses

Online learning platforms provide variety of options to the students to select the course of their choice. Students of any subject and stream or even the aspirants of government and competitive exams can find a course relevant to their choice that will help them out with their preparation. Students can also apply for an academic or certificate degree that is important for their job or improves their resume.

Affordable costs

All the courses and study material available on E-learning platform come at a much affordable cost in comparison to the main streamline education. There are many reasons behind this point such as

  • Educators dont have to pay the rent and maintenance for any classroom space, furniture or any other overhead costs that comes tagged along with a physical space for institution.
  • Students get the freedom to choose the online course in accordance with their budget. When being enrolled in a physical institution, one needs to opt for the courses that are available irrespective of their affordability or budget issues.
  • There is no burden on students to purchase expensive notebooks or course books. With online learning all students need is an internet enabled device on which edtech app can be downloaded or website can be accessed.
  • While taking up a language course or some other art related course you dont need a university professor. You can also go for the courses available by experienced people that are lesser in cost and still informative.
  • Educators who create and sell online courses can reuse their course in the future. They dont have to be creating a new course every time when it is being administered.

Enhancement in career

Many students who have landed up for a job but feel that their knowledge or skills are not enough can easily opt for an online course and fill the gap. These days career enhancements are appreciated by many companies and it increases the prospects of better job options for the candidates in future.

Enhancing technical skills

Technical knowledge is mostly a basic requirement for all the jobs and if you are a part of an IT sector then it becomes mandatory for you. Enrolling into courses and handling so many functionalities of edtech tools sharpens your technical knowledge making you smarter and more job ready.

Follow your hobby and interests

Being busy with your student or job life doesnt mean that you cannot follow your passion. Online courses are your resolve to not giving up on your dreams and to pursue them in a proper manner. Whether it is about learning a new language or bringing out your artistic side, you can turn up to online courses at any given time and have the satisfaction of following your hobby.

No commuting issues

Wasting your time and energy in covering long distances only adds on to the frustration. Online classes are free from such hassles and give you more time to concentrate on the course rather than worrying about reaching to a particular destination within a fixed time. even oif the weather is bad and schools/colleges are shut down, still you can continue with your online studies without being hampered by such disturbances.

Improves personal development

To what level you can be sincere about learning that depends on you when it comes to acquiring skills online. It gives you the discipline to take things forward without procrastinating or losing interest.

Courses that suits your learning style

Some people are good at learning with written or printed content while some gain more knowledge from audio and video content. Well whatever might be your learning style, online courses comes in all shape and forms to induce best of learning methods. You can select a course of your choice and go on with it without being stuck to traditional learning method which is usually the case with classroom learning.

Enlarge your network

There are many Social learning platforms in the market that provide courses and other sort of study material. The benefit of signing up in these platforms is that you can get in touch with many new people and similar aspirants. You can also make connections with experts and mentors and clarify your queries with them. Such platforms expand your circle and open your options to new possibilities.


The inclusion of technology in education domain has simplified learning to its best. In the present scenario it is not the students who are changing themselves for acquiring education, rather it is the fundamentals of education that is changing its shape to suit according to the needs of the students.

The time has come when we need to change our thinking that education is only limited to classrooms. Social learning platforms are changing the overall concept of learning making it more personalized and close to a learners everyday lifestyle.

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