ICAI Reforms: Hello student. Have you read this side of protest

ICAI Reforms: Hello student. Have you read this side of protest

Hello student.  Have you read this side of protest

Hello Student how your study going on for Nov19 attempt Ohh sorry how is your protest going on for Exams

Future Chartered Accountant’s,

It’s time to listen Other side also. you may dont like it but you have to read it like IT&SM because it’s Important.

1.) First issue about mismanagement/Carelessness in checking in exam answer sheet.

Definitely there are some incident of this for May’19 attempt. I repeat some incident. As we know in social media once trend start everyone showing anything of any attempt.

2.) What ICAI can do

a.) Compulsory training before checking papers.

b.) Centralized paper checking in front of Supervisor.

c.) Accountability of paper checkers in written.

d.) Window after result announced if any apparent(Non debatable) mismatch in marks in answer sheet and result.

3.) By how ICAI can do this

a.) By increasing exam fees

b.) By increasing remuneration of Exam paper checker Wait wait main point is still pending about second issue.

4.) One section which give powers to Institute to increase or decrease marks of student to maintain the results

Yes ICAI please remove this but before do this

5.) What ICAI can do

a.) Introduce Negative marking for MCQ even in IPCC and Final. (No Guess work right student)

b.) What is the need of holiday between two papers No holidays in CS exams then we want to become CA right. Remove holidays.

c.) Set the toughest papers.Why result in two digit. Go back to 1% 2% results trend.

d.) Why chapter wise weightage given Ask from any chapter any marks because everything is important

Let the student struggle in Reading room and not in roads.

Student understand the one thing protest should be for quality of education and not for quality of CA ICAI is producing. The professor should protest how CA can beat MBA and other in market. Even if this clause removed paper is set by ICAI only. And we very well no how much portion is there and how tough question ICAI can prepare. CA is the cheapest course compared to remuneration. Some mistake in paper checking is bound to Happened. Why Im saying like that Because as an auditor we very well no every system have some weakness no system is perfect. I give you example of UPSC even in that exam this is happening. But it doesn’t means you comes in roads right. 

Understand one thing ICAI providing subsidized coaching classes and not the one who is leading protest. Some may know Ind AS very well but they dont understand motive on sections, long term vision of this type of sections in CA act. If suddenly 40-50 people became CA they CA course becomes Mass course and not class. Ask some students who are participating in protest. They come here because they gave 3-4-5-6 attempts and they want to become CA that’s all!!! even if they dont deserve.

Lastly ICAI is not innocent at all. Because of this protest Now paper checker take care very much next time and ICAI also but once image of ICAI is damaged understand your future image will also damage because lastly you are protesting because you want to become member of this institute. All right

Don’t be silent but don’t silently kill spirit of ICAI also. Its your loss only because after some year we only become president vice President of this prestigious institution.

Your comments are welcome here, but not your silent.

Thank you.

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Deepak Gupta

Author is Chartered Accountant by Profession and having vast experience in the field of Taxation.


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  1. Sir, really great of u for posting this in such a great time. Students like me should understand that the institute cannot pass anybody and everybody who scores above 50%. Ca course is not B. Com. Your article is the need if the hour.

    1. If the person who cleared CA exams is the master and he knows everything then In precens of such Ideot why company like IL&FS and PMC bank fails

  2. Well about examination fees it has been almost doubled in last 5-7 years and what about ICAI surplus funds??
    Because from a student’s point of view a student is paying for everything it receives from ICAI. Even course registration fees are doubled.
    So indirectly these surplus funds only available for benefits of members and not students?
    Please clarify

    1. I appreciate you here for looking from the other side. But none of the reasons you gave above do justice to a student who is actually capable and loses his (confidence, 6 months, hardwork, trust in the system) Even you know the student who was wrongly failed had scored mucj above the passing limit. Yet his dream came to nothing because of one paper checker which you are defending rn. This protest is to make ICAI realise that we also do have a say in our future. And it can’t he compromised to carelessness.
      You say that ICAI can bring more tougher papers and difficult set of rule. We say let them bring in! Because we want a fair game here. We are CA students, we know how to achieve with our hardwork and perseverance. It is inevitable that the institute needs us too. Institute and the students are dependent on each other. And we are asking for a fair game and fair chance here.

  3. Dear sir,
    Again with due respect if someone is so raising voice against this then we should also raise some at least some points out of the article which madam wrote.

    First thing, starting with a sarcasm. What an amazing way to address people specifically Students. (Hello students how your study going on for NOV exams? Oh sorry how is your protest going for exams?)

    Now lets analyse some points. For people you can refer the article for better understanding. I am discussing points wise according to the article

    1. Firstly institute has not accepted it, only you did. And this is natural if someone is raising voice then other people who suffered from the same injustice can also raise voice along with. Nothing wrong. E.g. if I suffered from a specific virus of which doctors has no solution and later on scientists figures out the treatment then I also will go to hospital and will get treated the same.
    2. There is no need of training for checking the paper. Its just a simple language which student is writing and one has to understand and compare the same with institute?s give suggested answer. There is solution available for illiteracy but not for ignorance. Its not that teachers of respected concerned people are less trained for checking copies. Its just institute is also negligent about it. Other points I agree you mentioned that paper checking should be in front of Supervisors.
    3. If funds are the ultimate problem institute is facing then why this 1 or 2 % suggested results are not happening in CA FOUNDATION but not in CA FINAL? Less students enters CA course will definitely resolves institutes problem then.
    4. No comments for point no.4
    5. a) Negative marking for MCQ?s ? Seriously? How many students you thing can make it possible becoming CA in a attempt by just making guess between these 4 options? And talking about negative marking then I wonder coz all the solution provided by you is to put a burden on student committee rather than improving the system. Anyways moving forward.
    b) No holidays between 2 exams like CS? Are students preparing for Running competition or what? This is exam and exams are held to evaluate the intellectual knowledge of a student. I m not sure what kind of exams you are talking about but worldwide students are provided as much as comfort while taking examinations coz it basically impares the thinking of students.
    C)Weightage? You sound like taking revenge from students.

    This is a democracy and which gives each and every person right to raise voice against anything unjustified happening against them. Now you saying that why on roads why not on struggle in reading room. Correct but when voices from reading room are suppressed then one has no choice who has studied 15-16 hours everyday for months just to see a smile of mother?s face. He has right to shout when his voice is unheard.

    Also few things which are not mentioned above,
    Reduce the results , increase the fees but what is logic behind learning the section numbers? What is logic behind writing a exact line. Not all the students have photographic memory. Many of them understand the question gives answer with full logic and which is correct too. Internationally I don?t see these kind of requirements. Because considering a course which is so huge in terms of knowledge. Curriculum and its respect. I should people should understand what they are reading rather that learning them. Thats why industry is always leaves a comment on institute that we are not getting quality Chartered accountants even when a student cleared his or her examination with a AIR.

  4. Sir, thank you for your article. instead of passing in 1st attempt by giving an average paper, we feel proud if we give a tough paper and passed in 3,4, 5th attempt, and tough paper setting also improves our knowledge and clarity. But, this kind of neglegent paper evaluation, restricted pass percentage by ICAI. These things are not proper. Let it be sir. Writing A tough question paper is far better than writing an average paper and letting marks lose like this.

  5. I don’t agree with u regarding subsidised classes . Those are just for name sake , no quality they are providing. The faculty who is teaching in those classes are also the faculties teaching outside compare both sides of a coin and know the difference. And the teachers providing coaching outside gives u 100% quality and ICAI is far behind them . Their own study material is not updated with recent amendments like LAW, IDT papers and no proper intime solution for that. CA final new syllabus economic laws optional paper study material is of November 2017 edition. Can u imagine how the student is going to prepare and suppliment this . And They are providing separate amendments, why it’s required,do upadte them in material itself and relaese it via a notification. So many study resources for old syllabus is of outdated editions. And for new syllabus no question bank like practice manual and the questions are of not sufficient in number in study materials. No offence to u or ICAI. Just feel the issue by heart not by eyes right!. We need strict correction policies and we are not heard anything about what has happened in past like cases where unauthorised checking reported, Papers checking in Bus, papers checking in Chennai local train . Is the report or any action from ICAI on that culprits available anywhere. Just a Big NOOOO. so what students asking are also correct. I’m just expressing my opinion no influence on me in any manner. My views are personal in nature. Nothing related to any faculty or any other things.

  6. With all due respect sir, your opinion about negative marking and holidays is not correct. Especially about holidays between exams. Please first check the syllabus and then raise opinions

  7. Dear Sagar Gandhi, the only line I found right in your article is- students should focus on exam, but do you really think that they are doing this protest for stupid reason? What’s wrong if candidates who is writting right answer getting degree and even if it is mass no class, they are not asking for marks on wrong answer, right? UPSC and CA are 2 different thing, I don’t find you right of you are comparing passing % of both. For UPSC candidates govt is liable for proving job post, for CA they are individually responsible for taking their career ahead. Just because you might have got pass result easily, don’t abuse suffering candidates. In simple words- if you can’t support protest of struggling candidates, please focus on your personal life…don’t write such stupid post.

  8. Yes, sir! I agree but why is No Rechecking facility is provided to students when there is a mistake on ICAI part for not checking it correctly.
    Every time students can’t be wrong.
    Setting the toughest paper and checking the correct paper wrongly is two different issues.
    Joints exams, IIT exams they also set the toughest paper possible this test the student determination to pass the exam but checking paper wrongly ( even setting all 4 wrong option of MCQ)nd failing the students break the determination of student to pass the exam.

  9. I would suggest do all of the things mentioned above v as a student would love to take up an challenges which u throw at us but dont ambush us under the pretext that our answers are not right just because u have not checked the papers or erroneously checked it.Please dont make a student believe himself to be not smart enough to be CA.Show us where we r wrong v will work hardest because we love this profession and dont wish to fall prey to whims and fantasies of some examiner.As a higher authority they should keep in mind they are playing with students professional life.Set the toughest paper, reduce the passing percentage,increase the fees,let evaluation be more strict so who ever is enrolling for the course is well aware about it.#dearicaiplschange

  10. Had you been victim of 39(4) U would had not said this. I know how it felt. Understood that we cannot produce mass CAS’s. But for that examination system should upgrade its standard right from CPT/Foundation. Manipulating students marks is not a solution.

  11. Well written. The attitude of ICAI to reach a minimum success percentage should be given a go by. Standard of Examination must be raised so that MBAs do not steal a match overCAs in standard of knowledge.

  12. Well written. The attitude of ICAI to reach a minimum success percentage should be given a go by. Standard of Examination must be raised so that MBAs do not steal a march overCAs in standard of knowledge.

  13. Dear Sagar,

    Your arguments are completely baseless.
    Everyone knows how ICAI manipulates marks, if you want some more insight, check November 2018 results when they uploaded a fresh set of list of passed students. It looks as if you want some sort of revenge from students just because you have cleared your CA final when you yourself had leaves in between exams. And looking at the way you have drafted the answer (grammatically), I think you need to be more updated with what is going on currently with the Institute. ICAI xharges fees for gmcs and ITT when the quality provided there is not at all upto the mark. You want CA’s to be professional as well as presentable. But these GMCS and ITT has just become a way of taking a break from articleship and not a learning exercise.
    Next time I hope you learn from your baseless allegations.