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Advanced excel skills training to be provided:

Day 1: Data Cleansing & Date related Calculation Functions:

Alt Function, Excel Smart Shortcuts, Edit Tool Bar, Randomdata, Smart Copy Paste, Smart Paste special, Transpose, now, date function, Format Cell, Concatenate, Trim & Clean, Proper, Upper, Lower, Left, Right, Mid & Len, Filter, Advance Filter, Format Painter.

Day 2: Advanced Features in Excel:

Concatenate & Text Join, Giving password to excel and back up, Advance Find & Replace, Smart Sorting, Skip Blank, TDS Working Check list, GST Late Fees Calculator, Import 26 AS data and converting in to excel

Day 3: Advanced Excel Functions:

Text to Columns, Flash Fill, Remove Duplicate, Data Validation, Consolidation, Conditional Formatting, if functions, Goto Special, Macro of Spell Number, etc.

Day 4: Advanced Excel Functions:

Calculate Drs Ageing, Sumif, Sumifs, Advance Subtotal, Iferror, Match Function, Vlookup, IF Error+Vlook up, IFError+Vlookup, Hlookup, Xlookup

Day 5: Advanced Excel Functions:

Table, Pivot Table, Sparkline Chart, Use of Onedrive and Google Sheet, Preperation of Balance Sheet from trial.

Advanced excel course fees

No Fees. We are just charging logistic charges of Rs. 600.

This excel expert course helps you to do data analysis using excel course free.

Registration in Advance:

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