RBI to banks – Avoid frequent ad hoc review of credit facility for businesses

RBI to banks – Avoid frequent ad hoc review of credit facility for businesses




August 21, 2020

All Scheduled Commercial Banks (excluding RRBs)
Small Finance Banks
Urban Cooperative Banks

Madam/Dear Sir,

Ad-hoc/Short Review/Renewal of Credit Facilities

In terms of circular DBOD.No.BP.(SC).BC.98/21.04.103/99 dated October 7, 1999 on Risk Management System in Banks, Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs) are required to put in place a board approved credit policy, which, inter alia, should prescribe the periodicity and methodology of review/renewal of credit facilities. The policy should also prescribe differential time schedules for review/renewal of borrower limits so that lower rated borrowers whose financials show signs of problems are subjected to renewal control more frequently. The Master Circular for Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs) on Management of Advances – UCBs dated July 1, 2015, requires all UCBs to lay down policy guidelines for periodic review of the working capital limits.

2. Further, in terms of the Master Circular DBR.No.BP.BC.2/21.04.048/2015-16 dated July 1, 2015 on Prudential norms on Income Recognition, Asset Classification and Provisioning pertaining to Advances and the Master Circular DCBR.BPD. (PCB) MC No.12/09.14.000/2015-16 dated July 1, 2015 on Income Recognition, Asset Classification, Provisioning and Other Related Matters – UCBs as applicable to SCBs and UCBs respectively, an account where the regular/ad-hoc credit limits have not been reviewed/renewed within the prescribed timeline from the due date/date of ad-hoc sanction will be treated as Non-Performing Asset.

3. Banks are, therefore, expected to have a detailed Board approved policy on methodology and periodicity for review/renewal of credit facilities within the overall regulatory guidelines, and adhere to the same strictly.

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