Automation of Income Recognition, Asset Classification and Provisioning processes in banks

Automation of Income Recognition, Asset Classification and Provisioning processes in banks



Ref. No. DoS.CO.PPG./SEC.03/11.01.005/2020-21                           September 14, 2020

The Chairman / Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer
All Scheduled Commercial Banks (Excluding RRBs) and
All Small Finance Banks

Madam / Dear Sir,

Automation of Income Recognition, Asset Classification and Provisioning processes in banks

We invite a reference to our circular DBS.CO.PPD.No.1950/11.01.005/2011-12 dated August 04, 2011, in terms of which banks were advised, inter alia, to have appropriate IT system in place for identification of Non-Performing Assets (NPA) and generation of related data/returns, both for regulatory reporting and bank’s own MIS requirements. It is, however, observed that the processes for NPA identification, income recognition, provisioning and generation of related returns in many banks are not yet fully automated. Banks are still found to be resorting to manual identification of NPA and also over-riding the system generated asset classification by manual intervention in a routine manner.

2. In order to ensure the completeness and integrity of the automated Asset Classification (classification of advances/investments as NPA/NPI and their upgradation), Provisioning calculation and Income Recognition processes, banks are advised to put in place / upgrade their systems to conform to the following guidelines latest by June 30, 2021.


2.1 All borrowal accounts, including temporary overdrafts, irrespective of size, sector or types of limits, shall be covered in the automated IT based system (System) for asset classification, upgradation, and provisioning processes. Banks’ investments shall also be covered under the System.

2.2 Asset classification rules shall be configured in the System, in compliance with the regulatory stipulations.

2.3 Calculation of provisioning requirement shall also be System based as per pre-set rules for various categories of assets, value of security as captured in the System and any other regulatory stipulations issued from time to time on provisioning requirements.

2.4 In addition, income recognition/derecognition in case of impaired assets (NPAs/NPIs) shall be system driven and amount required to be reversed from the income account should be obtained from the System without any manual intervention.

2.5 The System shall handle both down-grade and upgrade of accounts through Straight Through Process (STP) without manual intervention.


2.6 The System based asset classification shall be an ongoing exercise for both down-gradation and up-gradation of accounts. Banks should ensure that the asset classification status is updated as part of day end process. Banks should also be able to generate classification status report at any given point of time with actual date of classification of assets as NPAs/NPIs.

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