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Sushmita Goswami | Jan 19, 2022 | Views 415655

Empanelment of CA Firm for Accounts Compliance of Municipal Corporation

Empanelment of CA Firm for Accounts Compliance of Municipal Corporation 

The Nashik Municipal Corporation has implemented Double Entry Accounting system and wants to outsource the work of Double Entry Accounting for the period comprising of Financial Years 2016-17 to 2025-26 (10 years.) E-Tenders are invited from competent, resourceful, experienced and reputed Agencies for the execution of ‘Successful implementation of Double Entry Accounting System according to the National Municipal Accounting Manual (NMAM)’, as per the direction given by Maharashtra State Government U.D vide G.R. No.MAR-102003/22/PK-23/03/UD-08 dated25th July 2003and Lekhasu-102004/71/PK-5/04/UD-31 dated 6th July 2005 and/or guidelines given by Institute of Chartered Accountants New Delhi and by the Commissioner Nashik Municipal Corporation in this regard from time to time, and National Municipal Accounting Manual (NMAM).

Pre-qualification conditions:

i. The Agency should be: Qualified Chartered Accountant firm and should be in practice, having valid ‘Certificate of Practice’ as on 1st Jan 2022 issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India New Delhi, for at least last Ten years, may be a Partnership firm or Limited Liability Partnership. (As per Point No 13. b. Sr.1 & Appendix No 2)

ii. The agency should be having experience of Double Entry Accounting in any Government or Quasi Government Department or Local Authority as per NMAM with Annual budget of Rs. 1000 crores or more. List to be provided as per Appendix 3 of this tender. Copy of the experience certificate with specific mention of annual budget of the Institution should be enclosed. (As per Point No 13. b. Sr. 2 & Appendix No 3 & 4)

iii. The books of account of the agency should be audited under section 44 AB of the Income Tax Act 1961 during last three years (2018-19, 2019-20, and 2020-21). The agency should have minimum net worth of Rs. 10 lakhs as on 31/03/2021, to be certified by Chartered Accountant with valid UDIN. (As per Point No 13. b. Sr. 3 & Appendix No 7)

iv. The firm should have its presences by way of Head Office or Branch in the city of Nashik as per ICAI Records as on the date of application (As per Point No 13. b. Sr.1 & Appendix No 2)

v. Experience of training of Local Bodies or Govt. Enterprises for Single Entry to Double Entry and also having Experience of hand holding of accounting and conversion single entry to double entry of Local Bodies or Government Corporations / Enterprises / Scheme. (As per Point No 13. b. Sr.6 & Appendix No 9)

vi. The Agency should provide a team consisting of one Team leader, at least 1 full time qualified and registered Chartered Accountants, and at least five Support Staff, deployed at NMC, for the work till its completion. The team should fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria as indicated in the following table:

Technical bid:

To be Submitted online only on the website https://mahatenders.gov.in (Submission of hard copies or Sealed Envelope of Hard copies will not be allowed). It shall be the responsibility of the agency to ascertain timely submission of this technical bid to Nashik Municipal Corporation. The financial bid shall not be considered for opening if the submission of technical bid is not done properly.

The following documents must be included in the technical bid:

i. Earnest money in the form specified in Clause-3 of this notice. Attached payment acknowledgement for the Earnest money.

ii. Details of works of similar type and magnitude carried out by the Agency. The certificates of completion from the concern Head of the Department of the Government / Semi Government / Local Body.

iii. Details of Technical personnel on the payroll of the Agency also the bidder should specify the members of proposed project team including the project manager with their education qualification and experience.

iv. Details of other works of similar nature tendered for and in hand with the value of work unfinished on the last date of submission of tender as per appendix 4 of this tender.

v. The Common set of Deviation if applicable and the clarification duly signed by the agency as a token of the acceptance.

vi. Details of computing infrastructure available with Agency as per Appendix 5.

vii. All the necessary Documents as per pre – qualification Conditions duly singed to prove the details of qualifying conditions being fulfilled by the applicant agency.

viii. Please provide the documents duly signed stating self-declarations, attachments, annexures., appendix etc should be signed by authorized person.

ix. Detailed profiles of the Team Leader, Chartered Accountant and Support Staff.

Scope of work:

a. Double Entry Accounting, including day to day working in Accounts Department and all other departments of Nashik Municipal Corporation with respect to Accounts.

b. To generate the invoicing system in accordance with Good and Service Tax laws for both Forward and Reverse Charge mechanism. This would include design and implementation of invoicing, invoice numbering as per the GST requirements.

c. Provide data for GST compliance including but not restricted to GST invoicing, GST collection, Input Tax Credit on purchases etc.

d. Bank reconciliation with all the bank accounts including the Tax collection accounts and other accounts as operated by NMC from time to time.

e. Reconciliation of accounts of NMC with its associates Institutions like Smart City Corporation and Transport Corporation, etc.

f. Examine and evaluate the various Assets & Liability of Nashik Municipal Corporation by doing the following:

i. Verification of Bank reconciliation

ii. Investments against Earmarked Fund and other investment,

iii. Provision for all loan liabilities,

iv. Outstanding liabilities for expenses,

v. Provisions for all known liabilities,

vi. Prepaid expenses to be worked out,

vii. Preparation of list of Deposits,

viii. Outstanding Loans to staff,

ix. Advances to Agencies and suppliers,

x. Sundry debtors and creditors, etc.,

xi. Preparation of fixed assets schedule,

xii. Capital and Revenue income,

xiii. Expenditure and grants,

xiv. Assets created out of earmarked funds and grants,

xv. Capital and revenue works in progress

g. To prepare Balance Sheet as contemplated in the NMAM and data-entry, Bank Reconciliation, validation, and preparation of Balance Sheets over the period between, 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2026.

h. To run both single as well as double entry accounting system simultaneously

i. To switch over to double entry accounting system completely from 1st of April 2024 in ERP system.

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