Technology and us!

ANURAG SHARMA | Jul 14, 2021 | Views 972644

Technology and us!

First thing first, let me confess that I used to literally dislike ISCA subject during my CA Final days. Like all of you even I used to wonder that whats the logic of this subject? Now after completing 5 years as a Chartered Accountant and with the evolving technological world around me, I have realized the importance this subject and information Technology concepts hold for CAs. That’s why after pursuing FAFD, I am appearing for DISA.

Why Information Technology?

Recently a notification was issued where it was mentioned that IP addresses will form part of GST returns. Also, more and more corporates are moving towards system audits. Information has become the integral part of every organization. Even in our offices, we have to do system networking. LAN, WAN are the common terms that are used. Being unware of technology in today’s world is like being illiterate.

There are so many cyber frauds that are happening around where cyber criminals even hack your identity or commit crime using your IP address. Every day we read news about cyber crimes. We cant avoid these, but yes we can create strong internal IT controls which can prevent such attacks from happening and that can only be possible if we are Technological Literate.

We all work on our information systems. But how we choose our laptops or desktops? We go for specifications about the memory we require in the form of RAM, the kind of processor we require along with the other features like bits, display, battery. For that we require the knowledge of IT Infrastructure.

Our govt is taking steps towards digital economy. To understand and cope with the changes we need to go along with the technology.

During Covid times everyone had to rely on technology for working or for interacting with each other. No one was spared from the use of technology.

So, Technology is not to be hated, but it is to be loved. Be a part of technological innovations that are happening around by understanding and loving the technology.

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  1. SRN Rajhendran says:

    So nice !!!

  2. ANURAG SHARMA says:

    Thank you so much 🙂

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