How Much Salary Does Elected MP will get? Know Salary, Benefits and Everything else MPs enjoy

The monthly remuneration of a Member of Parliament is Rs.1,00,000, according to PRS Legislative Research.

How Much Salary Will Elected MP Get

Shubhra Goswamy | Jun 9, 2024 |

How Much Salary Does Elected MP will get? Know Salary, Benefits and Everything else MPs enjoy

How Much Salary Does Elected MP will get? Know Salary, Benefits and Everything else MPs enjoy

The important election that saw citizens of India cast votes for the Lok Sabha for 2024 has just ended. The INDIA bloc, the opposition alliance, put in a strong showing and secured 232 seats, while the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) was able to surpass the halfway mark with a total of 293 seats. The benefits and pay of the incoming Members of Parliament (MP) are worth considering as they get ready to assume office.

MP Salary in India

The basic monthly remuneration for an MP is Rs.1,00,000.This amount was decided upon following the 2018 pay increase with the intention of bringing their pay into line with the growing cost of living and inflation rates.

Additional benefits and allowances

Along with their pay, Members of Parliament are also entitled to a monthly constituency allowance of Rs.70,000 to help with the expenses of running their offices and engaging with the people that make up their electorate.

Next is the Rs.60,000 monthly office expense allowance, which covers personnel pay and office supplies. MPs are also entitled to a daily stipend of Rs.2,000 for housing, food, and other expenses while in Delhi for parliamentary sessions and committee meetings.

Travel Allowance

Every year, MPs and their immediate families are entitled to 34 complimentary domestic flights. For both official and private reasons, they are also granted complimentary first-class train transportation. When travelling within their constituencies by car, MPs are also entitled to mileage reimbursement.

Housing and Accommodation

During their 05 year term, MPs are provided with rent-free housing in desirable neighbourhoods. They could be given hostel rooms, apartments, or bungalows based on their seniority. Individuals who opt not to utilize the official accommodations are eligible to receive a monthly housing payment of Rs.2,00,000.

Medical facilities

Under the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS), free medical care is available to Members of Parliament and their immediate families. This covers care received at participating private hospitals as well as government facilities.


After spending one term in parliament, former MPs are eligible for a pension of Rs.25,000 per month. They receive a monthly bonus of Rs.2,000 for each additional year of service.

Internet and phone

Every year, MPs are eligible for up to 1,50,000 free phone calls. Additionally, they get complimentary high-speed internet access at their homes and workplaces.

Electricity and water

Free water of up to 4,000 kiloliters and free power of up to 50,000 units are given to MPs every year.

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