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Reetu | Aug 12, 2020 | Views 2312729

CBIC notifies revised Procedure for Import of Pets and Live Animals

CBIC notifies revised Procedure for Import of Pets and Live Animals

Attention is invited to Board’s Circular 9/2002-Cus dated 30.01.2002, 94/2002-Cus dated 23.12.2002, 15/2013-Cus dated 8.4.2013 and 25/2013- Cus dated 1.7.2013. The above Circulars have laid out a process relating to import of Pet / Live Animals including cat and dog in various scenarios such as import by passengers in general, import by passengers under Transfer of Residence in terms of Baggage Rules 1998, Re-import etc.

2. Now the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying (DAHD) has issued Office Memorandum dated 15.07.2020 vide F. No. L-110110/26/2019-Trade(E-14194) prescribing procedure for import of Live Animals in general and also for import of pets (only Dogs and Cats) as baggage/Personal imports by Passengers. The Relevant portion is reproduced for ease of reference:

“for “Ease of Understanding and Doing Business” as well as streamlining the complete process of import of live animals into lndia by the importers, the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); Process for import; Application Form for obtaining advance No Objection Certificate from AQCS; Veterinary Health Certificate format to fulfill lndian requirements; format for advance No Objection Certificate; Physical Examination of Pet at port of arrival; format for Physical Examination of the pet/animals during Quarantine period at AQCS; format for final No Objection Certificate, etc. have been standardized for import of live animals and are annexed herewith. The details of post-import tests and name of laboratories where required tests will be done, has also been mentioned”.

3. The DAHD has also clarified that:

“the concerned AQCS will inspect only those documents which pertain to veterinary health requirements. The other documents/ licenses, which are required under various rules & regulations of other Departments including Customs, shall be inspected by the Customs authorities”.

CBIC notifies revised Procedure for Import of Pets and Live Animals

The above said O.M dated 15.07.2020 can be accessed in the following URL

(http://dadf.gov.in/sites/default/filess/OM%20dated%2015%20July%202020%20on%20import%20of%20live%20animals_0.pdf ).

4. In view of above revised SOP & modified forms, with the approval of competent authority, it has been decided to withdraw circulars mentioned in para 1 with immediate effect.

5. It has further been decided that the following procedure shall be followed:

5.1 Following steps may be kept in mind by the importers/Airlines before arrival for import of Pet/Live Animals to ensure quicker clearance:


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