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Team Studycafe | Jan 20, 2022 | Views 415055

IECs Not Updated After July 1st, 2020 Shall be De-Activated w.e.f February 1st, 2022

IECs Not Updated After July 1st, 2020 Shall be De-Activated w.e.f February 1st, 2022

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) issued Trade Notice No. 31/2021-22, dated 14-1-2022 states IECs not updated after July 1st, 2020 shall be de-activated w.e.f February 1st, 2022

The Notification is Given Below :

DGFT obliged all IEC holders to guarantee that details in their IEC are updated electronically every year during the April-June period, as per Notification No. 58/2015-2020 dated 12.02.2021, 11/2015-2020 dated 01.07.2021, 16/2015-2020 dated 09.08.2021. (for which no user charges were to be borne by the IEC holder). The period for updating IECs was extended up to 31.07.2021 and then to 31.08.2021, based on submissions received from IEC holders who had not updated their IECs. Prior to the phase-wise deactivation of the IECs not updated yet, proper notice was given by Trade Notice 18/2021-2022 dated 20.09.2021 and Trade Notice 25/2021-22 dated 19.11.2021.

The third phase of deactivation of IECs that have not yet been updated has begun, in addition to the aforementioned notification(s) and Trade Notice(s), and in accordance with paragraph 2.05(e) of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP).

With effect from 01.02.2022, all IECs that have not been updated after 01.07.2020 will be de-activated. The following site (https://www.dgft.gov.in/CP/?opt=IECDL) contains a list of such IECs. In this interim time, the relevant IEC holders will have the ability to update their IECs until 31.01.2022, after which the given IECs will be de-activated on 01.02.2022. Any IEC that has submitted an online updation application but is awaiting clearance from the DGFT RA will be exempt from the deactivation list.

It should also be noted that every IEC that has been de-activated has the option of being automatically re-activated without the need for any manual action or visits to the DGFT RA. After 31.01.2022, IEC holders can go to the DGFT website and update their IEC online. After a successful update, the supplied IEC will be reactivated and the revised status will be submitted to the Customs system.

To Read Notification Download PDF Given :

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