NEET Result Controversy: New accusations about mark mismatches are emerging; Petition in Supreme Court for Re-Examination of NEET

Due to suspected paper leaks, grace mark problems, and other anomalies, a petition has been filed to annul the NEET UG 2024 results and hold a new exam.

Petition for Re-Examination of NEET filed with the Supreme Court

Shubhra Goswamy | Jun 12, 2024 |

NEET Result Controversy: New accusations about mark mismatches are emerging; Petition in Supreme Court for Re-Examination of NEET

NEET Result Controversy: New accusations about mark mismatches are emerging; Petition in Supreme Court for Re-Examination of NEET

The NEET-UG grace mark controversy has now made it to the Supreme Court. The demand in this petition is to reverse the examination’s outcome and retake it. It has been stated that NTA arbitrarily decided to award grace marks in the outcome. The kids’ scores of 718 or 719 have no mathematical foundation.

Dr. Sheikh Roshan and Abdullah Mohammed Faiz, advocates for student welfare, have filed this petition. They both work for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh students.

According to the appeal against grace marks, NTA has not yet disclosed the strategy they use to award students with grace marks. However, the information bulletin published by NTA prior to the exam did not address the subject of awarding grace marks. It is improper to give certain candidates grace marks in this circumstance.

New accusations about mark mismatches are emerging in the exam

On the other hand, fresh claims of abnormalities in the test are emerging. The NEET UG and 12th board exam mark sheet of student Anjali has been published on social media. The student who failed their 12th grade, based on this, received 705 NEET scores. As per the answer key, a student from Bhopal claims to have received 340 marks on her scorecard, although her actual score should have been 617. In a similar vein, Aayushi Patel from Lucknow claims that her OMR document was ripped on purpose.

Student: “My response sheet was ripped.”

Lucknow resident Aayushi Patel posted her video on X. Aayushi stated in this video that her result was not generated on the website when it was announced on 4th June 2024. Considering that over 23 lakh students will be checking the results, she reasoned that there would be a server issue.

NTA sent a picture of the damaged OMR sheet within a day

He received a mail from NTA within a day. This email stated: “Your result has not been released because the candidate’s OMR sheet is damaged.” Within 24 hours, he responded to the same email that same evening and sent a fax requesting that his damaged OMR sheet be sent to him.

In the same email, NTA included a picture of the OMR page, where all of the answers were easily seen. The student reported that the OMR sheet was entirely ruined, and based on its QR code, it appeared as though it had been deliberately destroyed.

Failed the 12th board exam with 705 marks in NEET

The NEET scorecard and board marks of student Anjali Patel were published by user Pratik Aryan in a tweet. While Anjali received a 705 out of 720 score on the NEET, she failed Physics and Chemistry on her board examination.

The concern that arises is how a candidate with low board exam scores can achieve such high scores in an all-India entrance exam like NEET UG, where over 23 lakh people compete rather than students from any board or school.

Additionally, a petition has been filed in the Jabalpur High Court by Nishita Soni of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. After the answer key was made public on 30th May, Nishita’s father told Dainik Bhaskar that when Nishita compared her grades, she received a 617. But the marks were cut in half, or 340, when the final scorecard arrived on 4th June 2024.

Petition filed against not receiving grace marks

A petition was also filed at the Rajasthan High Court on 8th June by Tanuja from Rajasthan. She claims she returned early and that she received the OMR document late. She has received zero grace points in spite of this. A case was filed against NTA, asking how one question could have two responses. The Delhi High Court has also asked NTA to respond to this appeal.

Questions from students about NEET UG 2024

How did six exam center toppers obtain their roll numbers?

Eight students with roll numbers from the same series appear on the merit list of NEET toppers. Six of the eight students who were in serial numbers 62 through 69 achieved rank 1. They all received scores of 720 out of 720. They had all taken the test at the same Bahadurgarh testing site.

How were 718 and 719 scores obtained?

Many Students received grades of 718 or 719. According to NTA, they received these grades as grace points. The NEET paper has 720 marks in actuality. Four marks are awarded for each question. For each error, one mark is taken away. In the current scenario, a student will receive 716 marks if they leave off even one question. A person receives 715 marks if they answer even one question incorrectly. It is not feasible to receive 718, 719 marks in this circumstance.

Why were grace marks introduced without warning? Students ask why they were not informed when given grace marks.

Students are requesting access to the NEET original merit list, which does not include grace marks. Additionally, students insist on knowing the names of the centres where they received grace marks.

NTA had responded to the complainants’ questions

NTA held a press conference to address the concerns raised by the complainants following the claims of anomalies in the NEET results.

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