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ANURAG SHARMA | Aug 13, 2021 | Views 690628

How to Prepare for the CA Exam?

How to Prepare for the CA Exam?

First thing first, whenever you prepare for an exam just clear your mind from all the doubts regarding that course or exams. You cant be confident about doing anything unless and until you have clarity of thoughts about your goal. If you are sure that you want to do CA only then you should go for it. Also, dont listen or believe rumors regarding postponing of exams or some court cases near your exam. Most of the people indulging in these things have their secret vested interests. We are nearing council elections. So I wont be surprised if we see more of these things. Not everyone is your well wisher. So just be clear that you are preparing for exams which you are willing to clear and which are bound to happen. You wont be able to concentrate till the time you are not clear about what you are going to do.

Then comes the preparation part. For that I will say that never ever skip institute study material. Your preparations should revolve around it. You can join any coaching or study from any notes, but institute study material should never be ignored. Recently I was scrolling through BOS knowledge portal on icai website for some topic and I realized that institute has made drastic changes in the study material compared to what it was few years back. There is more use of charts and summary notes. Just go through it.

Whenever you are preparing for the exam create a time-table. Its helps you to divide adequate time to each and every subject you are preparing. It will help you manage the time efficiently and effectively. Time-table becomes even more important when you are taking both the groups. You have to spare adequate time for each and every subject.

Then comes the concept of 3 revisions. Minimum 3 revisions are kind of must before you take any exam. I remember reading an article where it was written that Sachin faces atleast 100 balls in nets before he goes out to bat. Practice as much as you can, but make sure you revise the syllabus atleast 3 times. Multiply your syllabus by 3 and put your planning and efforts accordingly.

Another part of preparations is quality or quantity? It was the blunder which I used to make. I used to do self study, but tried preparing from 2-3 books which eventually deprived me of the revisions during last moment. Its better to practice 10 questions 10 times than to practice 100 questions 1 time.

Then comes the place where you need to study. Always study using table chair. During studies our sitting hours are long so laying on bed or sofa and studying will not only make you sleepy but it will also give way to health complications like backache or cervical etc. which we cant afford near exam. You can join any library if its feasible for you.

Most important is stay away from negativity. Dont get surrounded by the people who raise self-doubt or even who make you over confident about yourself. Its especially difficult when you had faced a failure or setback earlier and you are trying to make a comeback. Remember that opinions of people will change once you succeed. So opinions shouldnt matter.

Just be confident about what you are doing and nobody will be able to stop you.

All the best.

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