Persistence and discipline these are not merely words, but they can create a new world altogether

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ANURAG SHARMA | Jul 18, 2021 | Views 993555

Persistence and discipline these are not merely words, but they can create a new world altogether

What is the first thing you think in the morning? We all are working for our survival. None of us wants to be ordinary. But what drives us towards success?

“Persistence” and “discipline”, these are not merely words, but they can create a new world altogether.

Waking up every day with a dream and working hard to achieve that makes a big difference.  People will abuse you, try to take you down, but that inner voice, that inner urge to convert failure into success, desperation into victory makes all the difference. We all have heard what Manjhi did. He single-handedly cut a mountain to create a road. What if he had given up? What if he had believed in the people who said he won’t be able to do it? People called him mad, abused him, but he carried on and made a mark for himself and a path for others to follow. You believe in people who say you can’t do it because you lack that self-belief to believe in yourself.  Why would you want to leave a task in middle which you started?

There was a reason that you started it, then what happened that you stopped it? Just because someone said after you failed that you won’t be able to do it and you believed in that person? Who you are? Is it what world thinks about you or is it what you think about yourself?  Trust me, no one is a born loser. It’s our mentality to choose negative our positive that makes us a loser. Be persistent about what you are doing. Just keep doing it till you achieve it. Success when achieved with struggles is more meaningful than achieved otherwise.

I heard a story about saint. A person asked him how to achieve success? The saint held his hand and took him near river and continued walking in the river till his neck was submerged in the water. Saint then pushed the head of that person inside the water. That person continued to scream and then eventually with all the courage and strength left in him he pushed away the hand of saint and pulled out his head. He shouted at the saint that what was it. Saint smiled and replied that this is the secret to success. You did everything to pull yourself out of water when you were gasping for breath. When you want to succeed like you wanted to breathe then nothing will stop you.

You chose this path because you knew you were capable of it. Work hard each day, nothing should be more important than your goal. Half dreams hurt a lot, you always miss their ending. So fulfil your dreams, your goals. Never give up until you achieve what you desire and deserve. Stick to a routine, that is what discipline is all about. As much as eating food is necessary, as much as drinking water is necessary, so should be those efforts to achieve your goal. If you want to create a mark then you will have to make an effort. Nothing comes easy in life.  If you are not comfortable in studying a particular subject then take help, read from some other book, do whatever you want to but just don’t quit. Change your weapons but not your target just because you were not able to hit that target at once. Success comes from that verse which keeps you going.  Yes, failure disappoints everyone but it doesn’t kill you. It is a motivation to keep going. Keep up those spirits and just go for your goal.

All the best!

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