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Team Studycafe | Jan 21, 2022 | Views 409961

CAIT India Writes to LG to Reconsider the Decision About Unlocking COVID Restrictions in Delhi

CAIT India Writes to LG to Reconsider the Decision About Unlocking COVID Restrictions in Delhi

The Confederation of All India Traders writes to LG Delhi Government to reconsider decision for uplifting Covid Restrictions in Delhi.

The Copy of Representation is Given Below :

We crave leave to invite your kind and immediate attention towards dilapidated condition of Delhi trade which has been hardly hit by Corona restrictions. We request your good self to reconsider the decision of not allowing to scrap odd-even system and , weekend lockdown at a time , when COVID virus infection is going down every day, as per the reports published by the Government of NCT of Delhi.

While urging for a reconsideration of the decision, we invoke your kind attention to the fact that covid percentage has come down to 21% as per report of the Delhi Government released yesterday though it went up to 30% in previous days. During last 20 days i.e from 1st January to 20th January, there is about 60% reduction in Delhi trade caused by the covid restrictions. The trade of Delhi is facing acute financial crisis since last two years. The savings of the traders have gone to the ,veil since there is continuous outflow, of money and inflow of money has been reduced to bare n1ini1nal whereas the traders are 111andatorily con1plying all tax and other statuary obligations. The trading community is seeing the worst days of business currently.

We crave leave to suggest the following:

a. Odd-Even systen1 which has proved utter failure in Delhi and Weekend lockdown should be lifted.

b. Non-vaccinated persons should be asked not to step out of their homes in their 0wn interest and the interest of the City.

c. The Trade Associations may be asked to n1andato1y comply covid safety protocols in their shops, which they are already doing.

d. The local administration in association , with trade associations may be deputed to ensure regulation of visitors in the market and adequate checking of the visitors must be ensured in each market jointly by both of then1.

e. The working hours of the n1arkets n1ay be designated from 10.00 am to 5 pm

f. The Hotels having Dining are and the Restaurants may be allowed to operate with 50% capacity with n1aintenance of covid safety protocols. Not vaccinated persons should not be allowed to enter in any Restaurants.

We assure all cooperation of the trade associations of Delhi. Taking the dictun1 ” Jaan Bhi Jahan Bhi” as elaborated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the protection fron1 spreading the Covid is of utn1ost importance whereas the economic activities should also be allowed to be conducted in order to keep good health of econo1ny and the financial system.

We shall be grateful if you kindly consider our suggestions. Meanwhile, it , will be appropriate if your good self 1nay accord an earliest convenient appointment for a small CAIT delegation to put forward our request in person.

To Read Representation Download PDF Given Below: 

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