Restaurants of Vijayawada Charging “Service Charge”

Eateries are costly these days, Vijayawada's restaurant has charged an extra fee on the food bill in the name of 'service charge'.

Service Charge levied on Bill at Restaurant along with GST

Anshumaan Das | Jun 10, 2024 |

Restaurants of Vijayawada Charging “Service Charge”

Restaurants of Vijayawada Charging “Service Charge”

In the city of Vijayawada, going out to eat at different restaurants means having to prepare for probably an extra fee called the ‘service charge.’ It is something common among many restaurants that serve as an extra source of income for employees, as most of them work hard.

However, the directives and regulations issued by the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) prohibit restaurants and eateries from charging service fees to consumers.

On Sunday, a boy named Ankit (changed name) went to a restaurant in Moghalrajpuram with his family members. After having a meal in the restaurant, the bill he got amounted to Rs.1,276 which included Rs.58 for GST charged by the restaurant staff, aside from this restaurant also added a 5% tax to the total bill and charged as a service fee.

Regrettably, some consumers do not know that they are not bound to ever pay such charges following the integration of GST.

For example, on average, there are at least 150 customers who visit any restaurant in the city daily, if we take an average bill amount of Rs.1,500. If the management charges Rs.75 in the form of a service charge, they will earn an additional amount of Rs.11,250 daily and Rs.3.4 lakhs per month, which will directly go to the management’s pockets. An official from the Commercial Tax Department said that customers have the right to file a complaint against such restaurants if they practice charging a service tax.

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